A Dance of Life

Let Life dance within you!  Let it flow
like waters tumbling down streams
in the virgin woods.  Let it flow sweet
golden and slow as honey.  Let it flow
rich and warm, fresh as milk
from the mother.

Let it flow like diamonds
through your fingers, handfuls
of sparkling gems not held, but released,
dancing with light and inner fire. 

Let it flow like moss, emerald green
magic sliding down the stones, dancing
in stillness and silence.

Let it flow like blood through
your own veins, hot and fluid,
with the motion of a beating heart,
the heart of life and creation
pulsing through you.

Let the fire of life flow, rippling
over the whole of you, seizing
your roots, your trunk, your branches,
transforming them to glowing coals,
to blazing embers, alive with the fire
that never dies.

And dance with Life, your life, all life,
every moment you find yourself
awake in this eternal flame.


From the Book Essential Radiance:
Poetry by Renée Hummel

© 2001, 2013 Dyan Renée Hummel

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Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

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