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Blue Lotus, Sacred Poetry, Nature Poetry 

Renee in Laos


Truth is ungraspable.
Words are approximate.
Yet something within us longs
to express the inexpressible
through the limits of speech
we are given.


Renee Hummel 2013, Photo by SarahKate Butterworth

Born in northern California in 1955, Renée grew up on the edge of town, her backyard giving onto open fields where she loved to roam.  Well before her teen years, she experienced a taste of mystical connection with nature and with spirit.  A love of poetry came early, too, and writing became part of her life.  Before moving to Colorado, she spent several years in a midwestern community dedicated to meditation.  She has lived in Boulder and the nearby foothills since 1987.

Spiritual Bio
While still able to count her age on one hand, Renée was surprised by a sudden experience in which she found herself out-of-body and held in a presence of absolute love and peace.  "Oh, that must be what God is", was the simple and unquestioned thought at the time.  This innocent, unsought communion planted a seed of interest in the spiritual life.  By 1967, eastern philosophies and other metaphysical teachings were in the air. Renée started exploring well beyond the realm of the church in which she was raised, although she has always remained inspired by the love and teachings of Jesus. Understanding the Divine as formless and ungraspable, she also appreciates our human need for symbol, story, and finding avenues to approach that unnameable Truth. From A Course in Miracles to earth-based and Goddess spirituality, from silent meditation to affirmative and contemplative prayer, from quiet satsangs to ecstatic dance, from deep inner work to absorption in nature and more, Renée's eclectic spirituality integrates and finds expression through her writings, especially poetry.

Literary Bio
Engaging with this more as a spiritual path than a literary one, a path of joy rather than a path of work, and a path of sharing spoken word more than its printed representations, she has not often pursued publication. Even so, her work has appeared in spiritual magazines as diverse as Unity: Magazine of the Unity School of Christianity, PanGaia: A Pagan Journal for Thinking People, and Light of Consciousness: Journal of Spiritual Awakening. In 2001, she informally published a collection of poems under the title Essential Radiance.  Several of her poems are included in the book Seasons of the Goddess: The Cycle Around the Tree of Life by Willow Arlenea, published Spring 2013, as well as in We'Moon datebooks for 2014 through 2016.  


Renee in Laos by Waterfall


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Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

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Mission Statement

To join my voice with others
on paths of unfoldment
and upliftment by offering
inspiration and encouragement
through spiritual poetry,
nature poetry and other
creative expressions.

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