Meditating, I pray...

Beloved Spirit, I breathe in now, and thank you for the life force that enters my body with each breath. I breathe out now, and give thanks for the purification of exhalation, for the purification that can come only by letting go.

Contemplating, I realize...

Breathing in, breathing out, two aspects of the one flow, the one flow of life that graces these bodies, the fresh air that sweeps through these temples of clay and water, of flesh and blood, the pure breeze that feeds the fires of life, the fires on the altars of our bodily temples.

Energized, I am inspired...

Breathe deep, breathe deep – fan the flames of life, of motion, of creativity, the flames of power and destiny, the flames of love and hope, the flames of energy for the daily strivings that our souls must make.

Receptive, I hear...

Do not lose hope! The light is never extinguished, no matter how dim it may seem sometimes. All life, all light, all divine energy, resides within the temple of our hearts, the sanctuary of our souls, within the circle of our energetic being.

Do not lose hope! Spirit is here now, ready, waiting, always beside you, always within you, for truly, all is one, all is one in truth, in unity, in depth. All is one, in the eternal essence of what is, of what is true, now, yesterday, forever.

Breathe deep, and know that this breath, though giving life to the body, is only a faint shadow of that true breath of life, that true wind of spirit, that breathes and blows forever in the depths beyond and within this world.

Be patient, be watchful, be mindful, and come to know with every fiber of your being, this potent Life that lives and breathes through you.

Dyan Renée Hummel 2008

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Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

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