Choose to Remember 

Have you remembered yet,
this open secret - that the One
who knows all most intimately
is overflowing with love -
for you?

A love so vast the universe
beholds itself as nothing more
than one small flower growing
in a sheltered cranny of this love.

Will you choose to remember
the vastness of this great heart
that calls you to itself
in every breath that fills you?

Will you choose to remember
this love that cherishes you,
that submerges and bathes you
in the healing waters of itself?

Will you choose to remember
you, too, are love?
And make of this an offering
laid at the feet of the One Beloved
cloaked in all the guises of this world.

© 2013 Dyan Renée Hummel


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Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

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To join my voice with others
on paths of unfoldment
and upliftment by offering
inspiration and encouragement
through spiritual poetry,
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