Red Rock Mysteries


Come sit with these bones
of ancient worlds -
picked clean by vultures of time.

Only the purest essence remains.
Monoliths.  Colors of fire.

Do you know?
     (Everyone knows...)
          There is power in the bones.

Reaching to the sun for visions,
Climbing to the stars within,
Dreaming with the moon, relentless

Shamans of the wilderness, motionless
In stone, work necessary magic
Within the earth bound soul.

Have you heard?
     (You must have heard...)
          There is wisdom in the stones.

If you listen, they will speak.
If you reach out, they will touch.
If you give yourself to them,
They will return the greatest gifts.

Do you know?
     (Everyone knows...)
          There is power in the bones.

Have you felt?
     (You must have felt...)
          Life within the sentient stones...

From the book Essential Radiance:
Poetry by Renée Hummel

© 2001, 2013 Dyan Renée Hummel

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Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

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