Truth is the fire we dance around, each of us proclaiming its mysteries in our own language, our own images, or in images borrowed from another, whose sketch of this mystic flame of truth has illuminated the minds of others. There are so many shared vocabularies attempting to describe that which cannot be described, and I in my guided musings may draw from any number of these. Yet it is not the form of our words or images that contain the truth of the sacred.

A resonance within the soul may send each one on a different journey, or cause each soul to see with different vision, in different form, the illusory veil that seems to hold the teachings of the Divine. Yet if we could remove the veils, however numerous and multiform they seem, however different or alike, if we could remove the veils, we might see that behind them all burns the one eternal fire of truth.

The one eternal fire of truth, ungraspable as flame.

© 2006, 2013 Dyan Renée Hummel

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Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

Sun Song by Willow Arlenea

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To join my voice with others
on paths of unfoldment
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